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Property Management

We aim to get the job right, first time, every time.

Marshall White has been leasing and managing properties in Melbourne’s inner-city and south eastern suburbs for over 50 years with the utmost of care. 

We are a passionate and enthusiastic team who thrive on the daily challenges that property management offers. As rental market specialists who ensure that each property receives personalised attention, we proactively market each property with proven strategies to attract the widest audience and minimise vacancy time.

Our Property Management department offers business development and leasing, property managers, accountants and administrative staff for all your property management needs. Committed to continuous improvement, our comprehensive knowledge and experience provide ongoing benefits to our clients.

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Your Property Portfolio

In order to achieve the best possible return on investment, consolidating your property portfolio can be extremely valuable.

If your properties are managed by multiple real estate agencies, it is likely that you are not optimising your property investment journey and could be missing out on a range of essential advantages.

Consolidating your property portfolio with Marshall White ensures that your best interests are our top priority. Having a single point of contact who can strategically assist you on your journey can have vast financial and stress-free benefits.

"Both my wife and I have been dealing with the team at Marshall White for many years. A big thank you for all the great work managing our rental properties."

John Lombard

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if I have an urgent after hours repair?

Refer to our urgent repairs section here: Urgent Repairs

How do I notify my Property Manager of maintenance requests?

Login to your ManagedApp account and log a maintenance request task which will be automatically forwarded to your Property Manager.

How do I pay my rent?

We accept payments via Bpay or Direct Debit. Information on both options can be found in your ManagedApp account.

What do I do if I want to get a pet?

Renters who would like to keep a pet will need to complete a Pet Request Form which can be found on the Consumer Affairs website. Once submitted to the Property Manager, the Rental Provider has 14 days to provide their response.

What do I do if I lock myself out?

If it is during office hours please contact your Property Manager so we can provide assistance either with a duplicate set of keys or by recommending a locksmith. If it is after hours please refer to our Urgent Repairs section on our website and contact the listed locksmith: Urgent Repairs Please note that if a locksmith is required, this will be at your cost unless there is a fault with the lock.

How do I notify my Property Manager that I intend on vacating the property?

If you are on a periodic tenancy we require a minimum of 28 days notice. This needs to be supplied in writing, either via email or ManagedApp. If you are on a fixed term lease please contact your Property Manager to discuss the costs and process of breaking your lease agreement.

What safety compliance checks are required?

Smoke alarm, gas and electrical safety checks must be completed before the commencement of a tenancy. We have qualified tradesmen who we can organise to complete these checks on your behalf.

When will I receive my rent payments?

Our software program, ManagedApp, provides instant payments without having to wait to be manually transferred. This means that as soon as the funds reach us we pay any invoices and funds are disbursed straight away. You will receive a statement at the end of the month, alternatively you can access all financial information via your ManagedApp login.

What bond will be taken for my property?

The legislation states that for properties $900 or less per week we can only request a one month bond. For properties over $900 per week we recommend a 6 week bond payment.

What areas of Melbourne do you service?

With offices in Stonnington, Boroondara, Bayside, Port Phillip, Mornington Peninsula and Manningham, we cover an extensive area. Please contact us to discuss your individual property needs.